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Im a super passionate stylist, here to make your hair the best it can be!


I thought I wanted to be a therapist, turns out I'm just nosey and I like getting to know people.

I was born in Vancouver, but lived half of my childhood in Small Town, USA (we are talking maybe 10,000 people). I did a brief stint in Puerto Rico, before finally making it back to Vancouver in my late teens.

As I was getting close to finishing high school -  and realizing that doing a ton more schooling to become a therapist wasn’t going to work for me - I took one of those tests where you answer what felt like 800 questions and it told me I would be suited to floral arrangement (uhm...ok) and cosmetology. I had zero idea what cosmetology meant, but to my utmost delight, I discovered it was hairdressing! Lo and behold - it was perfect! It combines my love of connecting with people, helping them feel great (not just outwardly but also in), and the freedom to be who I want to be in a career that grows along with me.

Since then I have worked in Vancouver - and even though I said I was never ever moving again - also NYC. I have built up my career three times, taught all across the US, and now I’m back in Vancouver - this time for keeps. I promise. 

As a hairstylist, my biggest joys are creating looks that can grow in effortlessly and stay looking great until you are back in my chair. Some people love to get their hair done all the time, and some people don’t, and I’m happy to accommodate whatever works for you. I can also turn on a dime and switch things up for you - no sweat. I’m always down to try something new, but I absolutely will not give you bangs in a moment of crisis. Sorry, not sorry.

So beyond being a hairstylist, I am also a major foodie. When I use the term foodie, what I really mean is: I’m an eatie, because I love it all. From McDonald’s to Michelin stars, I do not discriminate. I am very passionate about food, so if you need recommendations on a place to go, give me a neighbourhood and a vibe and I’ve got you! I also love to cook - it’s my love language and how I decompress. I can say with full confidence, I make the worlds best stuffing (and I’m happy to trade recipes if you want my secret). If you don’t have a recipe to trade, that’s ok, because you can alternatively just send me a cute animal video.  That’s my other love language: dogs, cats, otters - I mean really, anything that is cute and furry works. I have a dog named Jeff and I would have 70 more animals, but due to unfortunate circumstances (living in 630sqft and a partner who REFUSES to let me get condo chickens), I have to live vicariously through animals on the internet. 

When you come to see me you can expect a laidback experience. I work in a small salon with just a few other stylists, so it’s often nice and quiet. I’m happy to chat and make you laugh, or we can be in total silence. I’m very comfortable with either, and want you to feel at ease. I really feel like all my clients become my friends, so creating a space in which you feel totally at home is what I aim for. But please, keep your pants on, this isn’t your actual home. 

If all this sounds good to you, go ahead and book your appointment, or feel free to reach out with any questions.

I look forward to having you in my chair!

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